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Created on 2012-04-06 19:21:02 (#1592849), last updated 2013-01-10 (245 weeks ago)

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Open Art

This community is open to everyone. We accept all fandoms and original projects (even non-fiction) and we allow any type of media. All genres, orientations, and types of relationships are permitted.

Open Art works mostly like the 900,000 fanfiction/fanart claims communities that populate Livejournal with a couple of important differences.

*Your project can be entirely self-directed.

*Since it's self-directed, you can use whatever prompts or themes you want (or none at all.) We have some here, but if you don't like or need them, you can ignore them or make up your own.

*We accept ANY kind of project that you can think of, as long as you can fit it under a single, attainable goal. (You decide what "attainable" means to you.) Fiction. Nonfiction. Your homework. Your letter to your Aunt Gertrude that you've been promising to write for six months but can't get up the nerve to do. Even that new recipe you want to try. Heck, if you want to go on a diet and keep a food log, you can post your diet goals here too as a project. (Although if you did that, you'd really have to be willing to do some meta posts...)

*Since the projects are self-designed, you do not have to wait for a moderator to give you posting access. You can start whenever you want and post whenever you want.

*There are banners already made up and posted for you to take when you've finished your goals. (You can still get a custom-made one if you want it.)

We ask that you please warn and rate your material appropriately using common sense. If you wouldn't want your boss or your grandmother to catch you looking at it, slap a warning on it and post it to your journal, then put a link up on this community. (And if your grandmother or boss are perverts, just pick your neighbor's grandmother or someone else less pervvy.)

Please be respectful of others and remember that everyone has a different comfort level with explicit material, and there will be members whose values and beliefs are different from yours. ALL are welcome here.

How It Works
Step 1- Read the Rules/Guidelines Post
Step 2- Read the FAQ Post
Step 3-Take a break from reading because those posts are long and your head probably hurts.
Step 4-Join the community.
Step 5-Comment on the Make Your Commitment Post.
Step 6-Finished? Comment on the I Am Awesome Post to get your banner. Or take one that's already waiting.
Step 7-Go again!

Need to drop? You can comment here.

Need to contact a mod? Comment on the Page-A-Mod Post." Remember that time zones may be different.

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